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By Gar Harris
December 31st, 2010


A compassionate move in America has created a new slot in the dictionary of political correctness. The term “Illegal Immigrant” has been found to be offensive, particularly among those immigrants who have arrived in this country through other-than-legal means.
The rush of lexicographers submitting less offensive euphemisms has understandably overwhelmed the secret societies controlling the media, which require a two-thirds majority to move forward on any one term. Two of these groups, the Illuminati and the Jews have began posting temporary positions on Craigslist to deal with the large influx. Though last week, Rabbi Kissinger, who asked that his name not be used, stated two of the key requirements for joining, genital mutilation, and pork avoidance have had an adverse impact on the numbers of applicants for the position.
Some of the possible replacement terms being bandied about:

  • Unwelcome Nation-Guests
  • Alien Invaders
  • Legally-Impaired Foreigners
  • Illegitimate Residents
  • Economic Burdens
  • Cheap Workers

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