The Associative Press is, relative to the Associated Press, unrelated, and unassociated but not irrelevant, but should not mistakenly, or in error, be misassociated with the latter under any circumstances, lest the latter sue the former for funds that the former does not possess.

Our familiar sounding “news” organization was started with a thought that occurred almost twenty years ago, and was introduced to the expectant and patient world some nineteen and one half years after its conception, making it one of the longest thought of news networks on the Internet!

We can bring you better, more relevant news by eliminating costs at the administrative level. For instance, while some news outlets may have enormous fact-check and research departments, we have completely eliminated these facets of the process, streamlining it to bring you better news, faster, and for less cost!

While other news organizations may be slow on the ball with news, waiting for it to be substantiated or even happen, we can bring it to you straight from concept in a matter of minutes! Be the first in the office to know things before they happen!

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