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By Gar Harris
October 26th, 2009


An ever growing minority of fundamental Christians, that is Christians who actually believe what is written in the Bible, are threatening to continue not being educated.  While the majority are already under-educated, religious leaders are admonishing them to abandon education in its entirety.

The difference in opinion seems to revolve around teaching accepted theory as fact, where it is in disagreement with the irrefutable word of God.

Modern science, in its rush to explain the world we live in, has come under fire by many church groups, with theories that partially, or in some cases, completely refute the scripture, and make the baby Jesus cry.

The Bible clearly teaches that the earth is at the center of the universe, is a flat and unmoving square, and is held aloft in the sky by angels, and has been this way for the entire 6000 years since the universe was created, in its present form, by God.

Scientists, and others destined to burn in hell forever, have made claims to the contrary of several of these points,  often without citing a single biblical source for their knowledge, and usually with only empirical evidence to back up their claims.

This heresy, which can be traced back as far as Galileo, has incensed religious leaders, whose clients often eschew science and testable knowledge, and they are firing back with a vengeance.  No longer are they willing to watch their pews empty due to an increase in rational thought, they have called for a boycott of all institutions that require books or literacy, starting immediately.

Originally the boycott made an exception for one book, the Bible itself, until it was found that reading it was three times more likely to turn away Christians as any other book.

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