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By Gar Harris
July 27th, 2013


Florida court ruling in the Trayvon Martin shooting sets precedence for Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law.  The case, in which George Zimmerman followed a child home through the rain, and shot him to death when the child dared turn and face him to find out “what his problem was”,  almost wasn’t prosecuted.  Police chief Bill Lee who has since had to take a paid vacation during the trial, did attempt to minimize damage to the community by sweeping the whole thing under the rug for a month before bringing charges.  “his father is a local magistrate, we have to look out for each other, with all these darkies around”.

Zimmerman, after failing his police entrance exams, appointed himself “Neighborhood Watch Captain”.  He has never been charged with being a racist, only beating his wife and violently resisting arrest.  The defense rested its entire case on Zimmerman being wholly unable to physically defend himself because of his weakness and cowardice, and that he was obviously afraid for his life and/or the property values of his gated community.

“Those assholes always get away,” we heard George tell the police.  Well, this one didn’t George.

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