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By Tony Burkett
August 23rd, 2014


With the recent fervor surrounding possible illuminati ties to everyday popular culture, I took it upon myself to find out other common places in which the illuminati presides.

For years we’ve Been told about the food pyramid, and told to abide by it’s instruction in our everyday lives to enhance our quality of our being. What symbology lies within this structure, and how have the powers-that-be coded their message into it?

Lets dissect this structure piece by piece, and gain a better understanding of the brainwashing at hand.
To uncover the true symbology that the illuminati is using to hide their message in plain sight, we must not only look at the items on the food pyramid, but also at the components of the items themselves. Join me as we expose the tyranny that is living amongst us.

1. Vegetables
What color are most vegetables? Green. What else is green? Money. What’s on money? A pyramid. What does that mean? Illuminati.

2. Grains
Think about it…What are they are trying to do? “In-grain” us with their message. Who? The Illuminati.

3. Dairy
What’s in the dairy category? Cheese. What’s cheese another name for? Money. What’s on money? We’ve already been over this. Illuminati.
Also in the dairy level of the pyramid? Milk. What color is milk? White. What else is white? You got that right! The Dark Lord himself, Satan; head honcho and Chief Executive Officer of the Illuminati.

4. Fruits
This one is a no-brainer. If you are ‘awake’, you’ve already heard about the Bisphenol A that the Illuminati has been putting into plastic products since the 1980’s. What does that have to do with fruits, you ask? Because they’re putting them in there to turn us all into fruit’s. This is just another example of The New World Order’s gayification of America. Population control, folks. Read a book.

5. Meat
That’s what they do, folks. They meet. Bilderberg. Wake up, America.


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