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By Gar Harris
May 17th, 2011


Meredith Atwell Baker being hired by Comcast is just one more step away from net neutrality and toward an Internet which will one day be just as educational and informative as cable television. By far, the biggest problem on the Internet today is that there are too many opinions and interpretations of the facts. This, along with the ability to instantly research the facts pertaining to any given story, place the responsibility of decision making on the end-user, who is inarguably less equipped to deal with choice than a highly trained network executive.

Meredith Attwell Baker

Baker is a diligent employee, as can be shown from the fact that she returned to work to vote on the Comcast / NBC merger so soon after incurring a back-injury from picking up an extremely heavy bag of money someone inadvertently dropped on her front doorstep.

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