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By Gar Harris
June 7th, 2012


Ray Poppo, known as “Tasty Face” to his friends and family says he has had a life long struggle with being just too damn sweet.

Ray "Tasty Face" Poppo

This is what Ray "Tasty Face" Poppo looked like last week. Ray says he is just too damn sweet!

Since Childhood, Ray has dealt with people trying to snag a bite of his face, which is considered a delicacy in Japan.  Ray can’t remember the first time someone took a bite off the front of his noggin.  He has lived in 16 states in just the last two years, spending his entire fortune trying to escape the face chewing mobs he describes as “insatiable and chompy”.


Tasty Face Ray, this week.

"Artists" depiction of what Tasty Face Ray will look like after surgery, the damage hardly even noticeable.


“I suppose,” Ray laments, “when you’ve got a face this tasty, you just can’t get away from it.”

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