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By Gar Harris
April 19th, 2013



Tamerlin and Zokar Sarnave, Russian Terrorists

Boston bombing suspects have been identified as Russian sleeper agents from Chechnya.   Spotted trying to rob a Seven-Eleven at MIT, one suspect, identified as Tamerlan Tsarnaev was arrested and later killed by police.  The other suspect, identified as Dzohkhar Tsarnaev, has evaded over 9,000 Boston police officers trying to apprehend him.

Mayor of Boston, Thomas Menino suggested that residents should spend the day in fear, locked inside their houses, and that businesses in the area should not open today, leaving no doubt that the terrorists won.  Menino is meeting with Obama this morning to figure out which rights citizens will need to give up this time.  “Obviously we won’t be able to slide in any Patriot Act size legislation, but we may be able to take a chunk out of the whole Freedom of Speech thing”.

Patriot act legislation passed after the United States was attacked by Saudi Arabia in 2001, which let to subsequent wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, and the US Bill of Rights.

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