Associative Press Terrorist-Saint Nelson Mandela Dead at 95 - Associative Press

By Gar Harris
December 11th, 2013



The death of Nelson Mandela sends terrorists worldwide to request portrayal by Morgan Freeman. Freeman’s acting changed Nelson Mandela from a mass murdering terrorist bomber-come-dictator, to a genial non-threatening old man. Although still waiting on the final historical revision of his life, we do know that Mandela strove to bring attention to the plight of South Africans, going so far as to massacre innocent women and children at times, for the greater cause. We also know that his efforts were wildly successful, with positive results such as the DeBeers diamond company actually choosing their first black spokesman in history, a South African reformed terrorist named Nelson Mandela.  Before these sweeping changes, there was not a single rich black man in South Africa, after there was.

It was not an easy battle for Mandela, arrested just for being a peaceful protester. And possibly having a giant cache of weapons.  And maybe ordering over 150 incidences of violence including public bombings.  His support for the impromptu, trial, torture and execution system known as necklacing probably didn’t help his case either.  But mostly the peaceful protester thing I’m sure.

Lawyers for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and James Holmes are working out a picture deal with Morgan Freeman to portray both murderers in a buddy cop film, Dzhokhar and the Joker, due in theatres sometime in 2015.


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