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By Gar Harris
April 23rd, 2009


Technology/Web-Able Twitterers, or Twats for short, are typically a young hip crowd, but it appears they don’t have a monopoly on the web anymore. Now, it seems, technologically ignorant public figures are finding they can exploit this market niche by hiring ghost twitterers to man their digital soapbox for them. These new Technology/Web Ignorant Twitterers, or Twits as they are known, are gaining ground on the pop culture site.

Twats have been twittering since it became the popular thing to do in 2008. You can’t check your daily news feed without reading about twats like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, but did you know that Karl Rove, the brains behind the Bush Administration, is a twit? Oprah, a late adopter may prove to be the biggest twit of all.

Twats and twits have obvious differences, but what similarities can you find between an ignorant old twit like John McCain and a a pretty young twat like Tila Tequila? For starters both have thoughts that never exceed 140 characters. Which is just as well, because both seem to have trouble getting people to care about their opinions for more than a sentence or two at a time.

An over-estimation of their own self seems to be a common thread. Twits and twats usually feel they have something important to say, when in fact they do not. Also of note, both have plenty of spare time and one or more thumbs.


  1. Technologically savvy, “twats” flocked to twitter when it became cool in 2008.
  2. Inept, but nonetheless opinionated, “twits” flocked to the site late to reach new demographics.
  3. Tweat-reading fans are often called “tweens”.

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